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RC Saito Engine Airplane Test Stand.
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Made in the USA!

Height adjustable, 360 degrees rotating fuel tank mount.The best way to break in an aircraft motor/engine. RC Engine Test Stand, Engine Break in Stand. THE BEST PERIOD!!! Machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum with S.S. components. ANODIZED BLACK and GOLD. The PSPMFG Engine Test Stand, is the most versatile and safe stand on the market. PSPMFG Engine Test Stands will accept a very wide range of engines, from the small .10 size, to the Super-Tigre 4500, AND with the optional Back Mount Adaptor the GIGANTIC twin 150cc gas burner.

Included is a deluxe cushion grip handled balldriver that fits all bolts, smooth operating throttle lever control with cable & throttle arm connector, and fastening hardware.The only engine stand designed with one wrench adjustments.
RCV Motors - Our new design will accept the RCV 58-CD & RCV 91CD motors.

This RC Engine Test Stand is for Saito Engines or engines with reinforcement web. (For pictures go to bottom of page)

PSP Engine Test Stand for Saito Engines(reinforced web engines-for pictures go to bottom of page) to fit a 24 ounce fuel tank! Up to a 3" wide fuel tank will fit on this ETS.

(fuel tank not included)

Sorry not available at this time

Already have an ETS and want a "U" Bracket for a bigger fuel tank?..Click Here

If you already have our ETS and have a Saito Engine or reinforced web engines you will need these.

$10.50 (2pc)
Sorry not available at this time

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